Thursday, June 3, 2010

Parker Jotter

Here I have a Parker Jotter Mechanical Pencil. It’s the third pencil that I bought along with my Pentel Forte Pro and Pentel 120 A3. The store I bought it from also gave me a black pen box with a clear plastic on top to store it.

I’m sure most of us are familiar with Parker Jotter’s. They’ve been around for a long time and for me is the most famous pen in the world. Naturally being a pencil collector, I would want to have the pencil version of it. I believe these only came out in .5mm lead size which works great for me.

On this visit to the stationery store, I was lucky to have bought the last piece which was actually the one on the display case. I’m sure they’ll have more and these are common on eBay so it’s not going to run out of stock as of this writing.

The pencil is simple and elegant at the same time. From barrel top to bottom, the smooth lines flows well.

It’s design is simple, just click the top cap to advance the lead. As I clicked away, the mechanism feels solid and well made as would be expected from a Parker brand even though it’s not an expensive pencil at under $10.00.

As you can see from the picture, the tip is protruding from the barrel. It is non-retractable and can be dangerous to the pocket shirts.

The barrel is made up of half plastic and half steel and since there are no rubber grips here, it actually makes the look very classic.

As the name suggests, it is not suited for long writing but for short notes here and there.

The pocket clip has a simple arrow design parker is famous for. Engraved on the stainless steel side of the barrel is “Parker and Made in UK P II”.

The top cap can be pulled out to reveal a small red eraser. The rounded cap is also engraved with the parker insignia.

Use for – Quick notes.
Like it? – Yes for short writing but not for essays.
Design suggestion - Make the tip retractable.