Sunday, February 28, 2010

Staedtler Integrity 9505

The Staedtler Integrity 9505 was the second pencil in my collection. I bought this one back in 2006 at Office Depot and was the first to have a twist eraser mechanism . I haven't seen this kind of eraser back in college in which all mechanical pencils had erasers under or on the cap itself. I was in awe as I twisted the top and the eraser came out. It came in a two pack blister package and advertised as using 97.5% of the lead because of the double clutch mechanism which holds the lead in two places. However after using this at the office, I was disappointed that it was very prone to lead breakage. Thinking that it was just bad pencil, I used the other one but it too had lead breakage after a while. I quickly went to Office Depot to buy another pair but found it wasn't sold anymore. I checked eBay and ordered another package but the first one also had breakage. After I changed the lead from HB to H and used the Pentel Super Hi Polymer on the last one, it seems to have stopped having lead breakage and so this is the one in my collection. The rubber grip makes for a nice cushion on the fingers while writing and the chrome pocket holder is very nice. Its made in Japan which is stamped in chrome on the side of the barrel. Too bad about the lead breakage experience for it is one of the most comfortable writing pencils I have but definitely worth having in my collection.