Monday, January 18, 2010

Pentel P205

This was the first pencil in my collection. I had bought this about 9 years ago in the Philippines where it is very common. For me, the P205 is the classic mechanical pencil. It has a non retractable 4mm tip for drafting but is also suitable for writing. Clicking the metal cap advances the lead. Underneath the cap is the eraser with a needle pin for unclogging stuck leads in the tip. I've used this needle a couple of times and I must say it works well. A metal pocket clip keeps the pencil in your pocket but since its non retractable, it usually makes a few pencil holes in my shirt pocket so I usually keep this in the ring binder of my notebook. Writing with it is very comfortable with its grooved grip to hold the pencil steady even with sweaty hands like mine. Its not the best mechanical pencil but I like it for it gets the job done without the fancy lead indicators or twist advance erasers. This is a must have in any mechanical pencil collection and is usually available in any office supply store.

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