Saturday, January 2, 2010

Staedtler 9605

Happy New Year! Its the start of the year and I'm really excited towards the pencils that will be part of my collection this year. Two days ago, I shared with you how I got this Staedtler 9605 with my visit to a local stationary store to pickup the Papermate Technician II. I think that one of best things about collecting is that you go to a place and you never know what you might find there. Which is why I'd rather visit local stores than buying it online.
The Staedtler 9605 is the first in my collection to have a push advance lead that is located on the grip instead of being on the cap. The top metal cap instead covers the eraser and the lead compartment. The cap clicks into place when placed back to cover the eraser. The black barrel has a shiny finish and the silver Staedtler markings on the side is similar to the Integrity 9505. It has a nice long chrome pocket clip that protrudes from the barrel and is non-removable. The long rubber grip is good for big hands and is suitable for writing. I found that the side lead advance button though sometimes gets in the way as I twirl the pencil around when writing as I tend to do this to balance the lead sharpness when writing. The tip is retractable so its safe for pockets. Overall a nice pencil and a good addition to any MP collection.


  1. love this pencil. last one broke some time ago and haven't been able to get another one.

    any idea where i can find a couple of these?

  2. Thanks for reading my blog. I got this one from Ellsworth in Pasadena California. Good luck.

  3. Hello, I love this pencil but don't have an eraser anymore. Do you know what eraser fits? I appreciate any help.
    Thanks Kim