Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pentel Technica-X PW-45

On my way to the market every weekend, there is a very nice stationery store called Swains that I visit every couple of weeks. Last Sunday I was there to check out if they had any new ones. Fortunately, they had a couple but I chose this Pentel Technica-X PW45 - in .5mm black of course.

At first I thought that the tip was non retractable but when I returned home and started to write with it, I was surprised it had a retractable tip. Basically, if you push the cap from a retracted tip position, the tip will come out without the lead. Then you push the cap until you hear a click to advance the lead. Pushing all the way down you would hear a second click and it would retract the tip back inside the barrel for safe pocket storage. This reminds me of the Papermate Apex I have which had the same type of retractable tip. It has a nice chrome pocket clip that wraps around the top of the barrel. The cap is easier to pull off to reveal the eraser if the tip is out. In retracted position, the cap can be a little hard to pull off. The eraser is small and covers the lead storage compartment. The barrel is grey, smooth and shiny. It has about an inch of contoured rubber grip and is very effective for my standards. The words Pentel and Japan is written on the top of the barrel behind the pocket clip. I've used this pencil a couple of times writing notes here and there in the office and I find it very comfortable to use. Since I have big hands, the bigger barrel diameter fits my hand better although my personal preference is a longer barrel and a narrower tip instead of the conical tip this one has.

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