Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pentel 120 A3DX A315

I got this the same day I picked up the Pentel Forte Pro II and Parker Jotter. This pencil reminds me of the Pentel Sharplet with its thin black barrel. The words Pentel 120 A3DX 0.5mm A315 Japan is written along the barrel.

I like how it has a .4mm metal tip which is really perfect for tracing lines along a thick ruler. A standard wrap around metal pocket clip is mounted on the other end of the barrel although you wouldn't want to carry this around in your pocket shirt.

The rubber grip looks like an alligator skin wrapped around the barrel although its surprisingly soft and grips well.

Being thin and lightweight, I felt like the tip would break if I wrote too hard and with a small angle against the paper.

To advance the lead, its the usual click at the plastic top which also covers the small eraser. To access the lead chamber, you simply pull the cap and the eraser out.

I've used this in the office for a couple of days and other than being too lightweight for me, I do feel that for general drafting and short writing that it does a good job. Its also at the lower end of my pencil budget so its easy to decide if I should buy it or not. I guess since all three were in my pencil budget price range that I decided to buy all at the same time instead of coming back.

Pentel Forte Pro II A75

I picked up the Pentel Forte Pro II A75 at Swains a week after I bought its cheaper brother the Pentel Forte which I reviewed last time. Its an upgraded version of the same pencil which eliminates a lot of the problems I mentioned in my previous post.

So its basically the same pencil – 3mm non retractable metal tip, wide metal pocket clip, smooth black barrel and removable stub eraser. For the upgrades you get – a smooth rubber grip replaces the hard ridged barrel grip, lead compartment is now easily accessed by removing the stub eraser instead of pulling off the upper barrel and a big plastic cap now covers the eraser which also effectively increases the length by a few mm therefore adding more comfort to writing. The forward advance mechanism has also been improved so lead advance is more consistent every time.

I've used this in the office for a couple of days and I must say that its very comfortable to use. For longer and more comfortable writing, the Forte Pro does a much better job than the Forte.

Now, if only the tip retracts….