Thursday, December 31, 2009

Papermate Technician II

I had bought a .7mm version of Papermate Technician II at Dick Blick but since they didn't have a .5mm I checked online to try to buy it. I was disappointed to find out that I couldn't find it on the internet and even eBay! I wrote to Papermate and asked them if they had any for sale but they said they did not. They did give me some places I could try and one of them was fortunate enough to still have it in stock. When I called them up and got their address, I decided to visit the place when I had the chance. Today, I finally had that chance and drove 2 hours where they were located. It was 10 minutes before closing time when I came in and asked them about the Technician II. The lady said that she'll get it from the warehouse. She came back 5 minutes later with a box full of it. I got 2 and also paid for a Staedtler 9605 I found on their shelf.

With its slick black plastic barrel, contoured rubber grip, metal pocket clip with Japan engraved on it, 4mm fixed sleeve and a twist eraser, the Papermate Technician II is definitely a nice addition to my collection. It's comfortable to write with and has a medium weight with the balance tipped to the front.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My First Post


Thanks for stopping by and reading my humble blog about my Mechanical Pencil Collection. I started collecting about 3 years ago and then stopped. I only picked up on it again this year around September. Before this, I was already collecting all sorts of pens and mechanical pencils from college. Not a whole lot on a student allowance back in 87' but it planted the seeds of someday starting my own collection. Back in college I used a blue Staedtler Micro in .5mm. I still have it back home in the Philippines but I've decided I'll move on to that collection later. Right now my interest lies only in black mechanical pencils with .5mm lead with metal clips. There are some exceptions to this however and that is if the pencil only came in another color than black (as far as I know and an example of this is the Berol Rapidesign and Koh-I-Noor Mephisto. For Christmas, I got a Pen Box Display Case. I placed some my pencils there for now but I still have some more that I'll box later.

From left to right - Pentel P205, Zebra Z905, OfficeMax Brand .5, Staedtler 925, Staedtler Integrity 9505, Rotring Tikky and Tikky II, Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth Mephisto Profi, Alvin DraftLine XA05, Berol Eagle II TL-5, Alvin Draft-Tec Retrac, Alvin Draft/Matic DM05, Pentel GraphGear 500, Berol RapiDesign and the Papermate Pro Touch II.